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Tsze-chang said, What is meant when the Shu says that Kao-tsung, while observing the usual imperial mourning, was for three years without speaking?”

Pi Hsi inviting him to visit him, the Master was inclined to go.

Tsze-hsia said, Even in inferior studies and employments there is something worth being looked at; but if it be attempted to carry them out to what is remote, there is a danger of their proving inapplicable. Therefore, the superior man does not practice them.”

Hui of Liu-hsia, being chief criminal judge, was thrice dismissed from his office. Some one said to him, Is it not yet time for you, sir, to leave this?” He replied, Serving men in an upright way, where shall I go to, and not experience such a thrice-repeated dismissal? If I choose to serve men in a crooked way, what necessity is there for me to leave the country of my parents?”

Now the man of perfect virtue, wishing to be established himself, seeks also to establish others; wishing to be enlarged himself, he seeks also to enlarge others.

The Master asked Kung-ming Chia about Kung-shu Wan, saying, Is it true that your master speaks not, laughs not, and takes not?”

The Master heard the observation, and said to his disciples, What shall I practice? Shall I practice charioteering, or shall I practice archery? I will practice charioteering.”

The mean man does not know the ordinances of Heaven, and consequently does not stand in awe of them. He is disrespectful to great men. He makes sport of the words of sages.”


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